Mountainbike Around the Reloncaví Fjord

Get a real experience of the Chilean Lake District's fjords, volcanoes and lush valleys covering 170 miles over 5 days, cycling with a local guide. Spend most nights in comfortable hostels and spend your final night under the stars in one of the region's most beautiful national parks.

5 Days


Mountainbike Around the Reloncaví Fjord - 5 - $840

Itinerary Map

Start from Puerto Varas and end at Puerto Varas

Landmarks visited on Mountainbike Around the Reloncaví Fjord

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Puerto Varas - Ensenada

From Puerto Varas we head out toward Ensenada, a small town located 47 kilometres along a paved road. The LLanquihue Lake offers ample opportunity to relish the presence of Osorno Volcano along with other breathtaking views. Late in the evening we take an 18-kilometre round trip turn off to revel under the spell of Petrohue's waterfall. This whole day, the 65 kilometre trip is over paved road.

Day 2: Ensenada - Cochamo

Leaving behind Ensenada and Osorno Volcano, we head out toward the town of Ralun, located in the Reloncavi Estuary and site where the waters of the Petrohue River converge. Thirty kilometres of biking leaves us at the end of our paved road. The remaining 15 kilometre gravel road along the Reloncavi Estuary offers changing views of Yates Volcano along the way to Cochamo- our final destination for the day.

Day 3: Cochamo - Rio Puelo

We continue bordering the breath-taking landscape of the estuary - always heading toward the south. The changing views make the ups, downs and curves all the more worthwhile. Forty-five kilometres later, along this unpaved road, we arrive at Puelo River. The surrounding basin, whose waters originate in Argentina on the other side of the Andes mountain range, is site of one of the most voluminous water flows in the region. This is easily evidenced by the highly developed ecosystem which has developed within the Reloncavi Estuary.

Day 4: Rio Puelo - Lenca, Alerce Andino

We leave Puelo River behind and continue along the bank of the estuary- all the while heading south. The 2,000 meter majestic Volcano Yates looks down on us as we skirt along its surrounding mountainside. After the 35-kilometer unpaved leg of the trip on our bikes, we arrive at Puelche, which serves as our jumping off point to the Carretera Austral. This mythical road continues to serve as the starting point of many inspired adventures within the unexplored southern Chilean territory. In Puelche the 40-minute ferry crossing leaves us a little closer to Caleta Arena on the north bank of the estuary where we continue on an unpaved road for another 25 kilometers. Our final destination for the day, Parque Nacional Alerce Andino, is among the more outstanding parks in the region as well the site of our camp site that is nestled well within the southern beech forests.

Day 5: Alerce Andino - Puerto Varas

The last 10 kilometers over a gravel road lead us back to the Carretera Austral where we begin the paved 30 kilometre trip back to region's capital, Puerto Montt. Our last 17 kilometres take us through the growing city of Alerce before ending our circuit at Lake Llanquihue's star lakeside town - Puerto Varas.

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