Sea Kayak in the Beagle channel

Sea kayak in the Beagle Channel for 1-3 days - depending on how much of a challenge you are looking for! This trip runs from Oct-Apr in Patagonian summer and includes camping each night.

3 Days


Sea Kayak in the Beagle channel - 3 - $850

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Completely customisable kayaking trip
  • Discover the Beagle channel and its islands 
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Camp along the way

Landmarks visited on Sea Kayak in the Beagle channel

Operator's Itinerary

We offer different options lasting one, two or three days to visit different corners of the Beagle channel in kayaks. Each circuit is thought out and designed to offer maximum enjoyment of the channel and islands' attractions. We shall be able to sight sea lions and all kinds of sea birds during our trips. We shall also disembark on Alicia Island to observe the remains left by the canoe natives who inhabited these lands. The longer options offer the chance to spend the first night in a tent and the second on a farm.

Place: Ushuaia Bay, Bridges Islands, Beagle Channel.

Duration: 1, 2 or 3 days

Services Included: Transfer, guide, meals, technical equipment and waterproof clothing.

Equipment that the passenger should bring: Jacket, hat, gloves, sunglasses.

Please enquire for further details.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Price of USD $850 of per person is for three days

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