Tierra del Fuego & Torres

Truly experience the wilderness of southern Patagonia as you trek the Dientes Circuit at the tip of South America and the W-Trek route in Torres del Paine, the heart of Patagonia. Fully customisable, this trip can be tailored to your wants and needs. Truly experience the wilderness of southern Patagonia as you trek the Dientes Circuit at the tip of South America and the W-Trek route in Torres del Paine, the heart of Patagonia. Fully customisable, this trip can be tailored to your wants and needs.

13 Days

Tierra del Fuego & Torres - 13

Operator's Itinerary

NOTE: Fully Customisable.  Suggestions include taking a boat along the Magellan Straits to get to Puerto Williams to begin the trip, or taking a boat past Cape Horn up to Puerto Natales to get from Tierra del Fuego to Torres del Paine, rather than flying.

Day 1:

In the morning we will take a small plane from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams. The views from the plane are spectacular and you will be able to see countless glaciers and amazing rock formations!  After arriving in Puerto Williams the group will spend a bit of time in town gathering the last bit of supplies needed for the excursion.  Afterwards we will take a transfer to the trail where we will begin our trek. From the trail-head we will see Bandera Hill rise from a Lenga forest at a distance. After an hour of trekking we will reach the forest and continue on the same gravel path until we hike up just above the tree line. To the right we will be able to see Robalo Valley; after leaving the gravel path we will arrive at a waterfall. Here we will set up camp, relax, and have dinner.

Day 2:

Today we will leave Laguna Salto and over the Australia Pass (the highest point is 805 m). There are a few complicated parts, but after the pass we will have an easy climb and arrive at Dientes Pass. From Dientes Pass we have a view of the southern part of Nassau Bay, which includes the Winhod and Wollaston Islands; among these islands you can find Cape Horn and the end of the American Continent. After the pass we will descend, cutting to the west and arrive at the Dientes Lagoon and continue along the border of the lagoon to the north where you can see Gabriel Hill. After a few more moments of walking we will arrive at Laguna Escondida. Upon arriving at Laguna Escondida we will set up camp, relax, and have dinner.

Day 3:

Today we will cross Ventarron and Guerrico Pass. We will travel through Guerrico Valley until reaching the southern border and arrive at a beaver dam with a view of Clem Hill. Here we will set up camp, enjoy the view, and have dinner.

Day 4:

You will begin the day hiking up towards Virginia Pass.  As you climb up you will see Martillo Lagoon and eventually cross over the pass; from the top of the pass you will have an impressive view of Beagle Channel and Ushuaia. After seeing Laguna Martillo, we need to descend on a path to a cliff; the slope is difficult and dangerous. Here we will arrive at the Guanacos Lagoon, where we have dinner and sleep.

Day 5:

In the morning we will descend to Virginia Bay to see an abandoned fishery 8km (4.97 miles) from Puerto Williams. We will take a transfer back to Puerto Williams and stay the night in a hotel and have dinner in town.

Day 6:

Today we will take a morning plane (11:30am) back to Punta Arenas (arrives around 13:00 hrs) and take the public bus to Puerto Natales, staying there overnight. The drive is approximately 3 hours long.  On the way you will be able to catch your first glimpses of guanacos and nandus. You will be taken to your accommodation and your guide will meet you for a briefing explaining the next few days and helping you with any last minute questions.

Day 7:

After an early breakfast, you and your guide will leave Puerto Natales heading towards Torres del Paine National Park. After arriving in the park you will begin to walk up Almirante Nieto, a mountain that takes you to an incredible view of Lake Nordenskjold and the Asencio Valley. You and your guide will arrive at Camp Chileno a few hours after lunch. After a short rest in Chileno you will hike one hour through a dense Lenga forest. After leaving the forest, you arrive at your campsite.  Here you will leave your pack and take another quick rest.  After leaving your campsite you will approach a moraine and climb to see the amazing granite peaks known as the Torres. After a bit of time admiring the view you will return back to Camp Torres to sleep and have dinner.

Day 8:

In the morning you will have breakfast and then prepare to hike again. You will leave Camp Torres and walk for five hours towards a hidden climbers camp.  It is hidden behind a hill and into another valley.  The trail is not noticeable to a hiker.  Along the way you will border Almirante Nieto and pass by Lake Nordenskjold. You will have a few rivers to cross by hopping across rocks and also catch views of glaciers upon the mountain tops that are hovering over you. Finally you see the Cuernos! They are monstrous peaks, you will spend the night in a valley just behind the Cuernos after a breath-taking journey.

Day 9:

Shortly after breakfast you will begin hiking towards Camp Italiano. This camp is three hours away.  You have to leave the valley and hike back down to the marked trail.  You will continue along with the Cuernos in your sight until finally you come to a windy beach and finally escape into the valley and find that the wind is a little calmer. After a few hours of hiking you and your guide will put down your backpacks at Camp Italiano and set up camp.

Day 10:

After a delicious camp-side breakfast at Camp Italiano you will leave your gear and begin hiking into the French Valley with just a small day-pack. You will hike across a moraine and through a forest until you finally come to a clearing. Here you will be blown away both by the wind and by the spectacular views of Lake Nordenskjold, Skottberg and Pehoe behind you, the shocking hanging glacier called the French Glacier just ahead of you and by many of the peaks that are the reason why this park has become famous. After leaving the lookout you will return to gather your backpacks and continue to Refugio Paine Grande where you will spend the night.

Day 11:

After a restful nights sleep and an energizing breakfast you will be ready to hike again. Today you will have a short four hours through a small forest and then along Lake Grey. Most days this section of the park is also windy, because of the openness provided by Lake Grey, Glacier Grey and the Southern Ice Field. After about two hours of hiking you will get your first peaks of Glacier Grey and be stunned. You will continue on two more hours until arriving at Camp Grey, leave your things and then continue ten more minutes until you arrive at the beach where you will have a gorgeous view of the glacier. You will arrive here just after lunch, leaving you plenty of time to admire the scenery.

Day 12:

After four days hiking on the infamous "W" in Torres del Paine you will have just a morning left to relax, take more pictures or go for another short hike. You will board the Grey II boat in the afternoon. You will enjoy your afternoon by admiring the glacier from up-close and take remarkable photographs of the surroundings. Just after 17:00 hrs you will begin your journey towards Puerto Natales and arrive in time for a late dinner and a good nights rest.

Day 13:

Today you will take a transfer back to Punta Arenas. You will say goodbye to our staff and continue your journey home or to your next destination!

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