Ice Cap Ski Touring Expedition

An expedition for experienced ski tourers who want to witness the remote and wild Patagonian Ice Cap and push themselves in a wilderness setting. A choice of three different itineraries gives you the chance to tailor the trip to your own personal goals but also to accommodate the extreme weather that may delay or shorten your time on the ice cap.

16 Days

Ice Cap Ski Touring Expedition - 16

Itinerary Map

Start from El Calafate and end at El Calafate

Landmarks visited on Ice Cap Ski Touring Expedition

Operator's Itinerary

Trip Summary

  • El Calafate - El Chalten
  • Rio Electrico - Paso Marconi
  • Cerro Gorra Blanca - Moreno Base Camp
  • Cerro Mariano Moreno - Camp Lautaro
  • Volcan Lautaro or Cerro Lliboutry
  • Gorra Hut or Playitas
  • El Chalten - El Calafate

Trip Details

Day 1: El Calafate- El Chalten.

We’ll be waiting for you at the airport and from there we will drive 5 hours to Chalten, where we’ll check in at our Hotel and go out for a welcome dinner.

Restaurant Meal. Night Hotel

Day 2: Rio Electrico.

We’ll drive to Electrico’s bridge, where we’ll start hiking to our first camp at “La Playita” (5 hours).

Day 3: Paso Marconi.

This will be one of the most challenging days on the expedition as we rope up for the first time and climb to the Marconi pass. Expect magnificent views of the Continental Ice-cap. Depending on weather and timing considerations we’ll spend the night at Gorra Hut or camp on the ice cap.8 to 9 hrs.

Day 4:  Rest Day. 

Day 5: Cerro Gorra Blanca.

We’ll wake up early, and begin the climb of Cerro Gorra Blanca (2910 meters).The climbing will start off relatively flat and then eventually we will ascend the ridge bringing us to the summit of Borra Blanca.We’ll have time for pictures and to look at our proposed route out on the ice cap and if the conditions are good we will be able to easily ski back to our camp.(6-7 hours)

Day 6: Weather Day

Day 7:  Moreno Base Camp.

From our camp at Marconi we’ll have a long day on our skis, traveling across the ice. We’ll set camp at the base of the range. 6 to 9 hours skiing.

Day 8: Advanced camp.

We’ll move up with light loads to our advanced camp on the ridge and get ready for our summit push. 4 to 6 hours.

Day 9: Cerro Mariano Moreno.

On our summit day, we’ll start out for the summit early in the morning, moving quickly toward the summit.After reaching the top and taking in the incredible view we’ll descend all the way to basecamp. 7 to 10 hour depending on conditions.

Day 10: Camp Lautaro.

We’ll move our camp closer to Volcan Lautaro or Cerro Lliboutry.Build our camping platform and settle in for the night.

Day 11: Climb and Ski Volcan Lautaro or Cerro Lliboutry.

We’ll get up early and make tracks toward the summit of our third objective.After 5-6 hours we will reach the summit have time for photos some hot drinks and then descend via skis back to our camp.

Day 12: Gorra Hut or Playitas.

After breakfast we’ll start skiing back across the ice cap and depending on time spend the night at Gorra Blanca hut or descent back to Playita Camp (6-10 hours depending)

Day 13: El Chalten.

After a few hours of walking we will reach the road at Rio Electrico and wait for our transfer back to El Chalten.Night in a hotel and Celebration dinner restaurant Chalten.

Day 14-15: Extra days for Weather. 

Day 16:  Transfer from El Chaltén to El Calafate.

End of our services.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Minimum group size of 2, max of 4.  Guides per group: 2


  • Certified  Mountain  Guides
  • 2  nights  Hotel  accommodations  in  Chalten
  • All meals  while  in  the  mountain
  • Restaurant  meals  in  town  (as  shown  on Itinerary)
  • Camping and cooking gear for the group
  • Technical gear for the group
  • Ground  transportation  throughout  the  trip
  • Satelite  Phone/  email service (minutes cost not included)
  • US assistance before and during the trip
  • Real time online dispatches
  • AMG cap


  • Plane tickets
  • Restaurant meals and those not listed in the itinerary
  • Restaurant drinks
  • Personal gear (see Equipment List
  • Personal expenses
  • Expenses in town caused by a delayed start of the trip
  • Rescue costs and extra expenses caused by abandoning the expedition. 

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