Reasons to try multi-sport activities in Los Glaciares

  • Multisport adventure activities are perfect for those who want to explore beyond hiking and experience Los Glaciares from a variety of different perspectives.
  • Paddle your way by kayak to the ice cliffs of Perito Moreno glacier or explore the Vuelta and Santa Cruz rivers that flow under the shadow of the Fitz Roy mountain range
  • Saddle up to go horse riding through the pampa and embrance the cultural traditions of the Patagonian gaucho
  • Get vertical on a granite cliff face to discover what makes Los Glaciares one of the world’s best rock climbing destinations

Multi-sport activities in Los Glaciares

Kayaking & rafting

You can get a whole new perspective on the landscapes of Los Glaciares when you take to the water. Kayaking is available in many locations throughout the park, to get you paddling through some breathtaking scenery.

Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular places you can go kayaking is at Perito Moreno glacier. Take to water here to paddle close to the ice cliffs of one of Patagonia’s most iconic sights, though at a safe enough distance not to be troubled by the building-sized icebergs that calve into the lake on a daily basis.

Closer to El Chaltén, there is kayaking available on La Leona and Santa Cruz rivers, both of which take through some wild country surrounded by splendid mountain vistas.

Two kayakers on La Leona river in Los Glaciares

Horse riding

Patagonia is the land of the gaucho, so exploring the region on horseback isn’t just a way of discovering some fantastic windswept landscapes with a local guide but it can also connect you with its deep cultural roots.

Although it’s possible to do day rides around El Chaltén, in our experience the best way to discover Los Glaciares from the saddle is via one of its many estancias, or traditional ranches.

Horse riding from an estancia has you exploring with gaucho guides, learning how local saddles and riding traditions differ from North America and Europe, then head out into vast emptiness to discover the pampa, the mountains and the lakes.

Tourist horseriding near Nibepo aike estancia in Los Glaciares

At the end of the long day, you return to the ranch to watch sheep or cattle being rounded up and take a glass of wine as you watch the sun setting from your veranda. This is the real Wild West experience, Patagonia-style. Our favourite estancias with the best riding experiences and authentic atmosphere are Estancia Condor and Estancia Nibepo Aike

If you're looking from an even more immersive experience, our Riding to Hidden Glaciers offers four whole days of wilderness riding, staying each night in simple gaucho outposts along the way. 

A group horse riding in Los Glaciares national park
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Chloe says

Horse riding in Patagonia can feel like travelling back through time to find an ancient connection with nature. Over a trip of several days, your and your horse form a real partnership, galloping together across the endless pampa.

Chloe Mazille Patagonia Specialist


El Chaltén is one of the spiritual homes of South American rock climbing, and tackling the granite peaks of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre is a big draw for climbers the world over. 

Climbing routes available for everyone from beginners wanting a taste to those all the way up to those born to flex on a sheer rock wall. For first timers looking to get an idea of what all the fuss is about, we can arrange expert guides who can run you through a climbing school to learn the basics.

If you’re a more experienced climber, we can arrange ascents of any of the multiple level, high-quality routes in the area – all the way up to tackling peaks like Gorra Blanca.

Climbing Cerro Mojon Rojo near EL Chaltén in Los Glaciares


Rafting is also available on the Vuelta Rivr near El Chaltén, where you can shoot Class III rapids with Mount FitzRoy as your backdrop. 

Alternatively packrafting takes you out to a remote spot near Lago Del Desierto, carrying inflatable kayaks in the shape of compact (and very light) backpacks. From here, you float and paddle your way  all the way back to El Chaltén. It’s a unique and very accessible experience as the walk lets you reach areas where you wouldn’t normally be able to put into the water, while the lightness of the kayaks lets you gently skim over the rapids on the river.

Rafting on the Vuelta River near El Chaltén in Los Glaciares


There are no dedicated mountain biking trails in Los Glaciares but it's still possible  toenjoy some stunning mountain views of Los Glaciares on two wheels.

The main gravel bike route is just north of El Chaltén near Lago del Desierto. Supported by a vehicle, the bike trail puts you in the centre of some fabulous mountain scenery, biking through forests, rolling meadows and to sparkling waterfalls. 

Many estancias also offer mountain biking, allowing you to get really remote on some trails that lead out into Los Glaciares’s true wilderness.

Mountain biking near El Chaltén in Los Glaciares
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We can mix and match any activity to build the perfect itinerary for you, or take a look at Swoop’s Los Glaciares Multisport Adventure that bundles together El Chaltén's best day hikes with a taste of our favourite kayaking, climbing and mountain biking experiences.

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More ways to explore Los Glaciares

Signs to EL Chalten and Laguna de los Tres in Los Glaciares, with the FOtz Roy massif in the background

El Chaltén

Sat at the base of Mount Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares, the town of El Chaltén is one of the world’s greatest destinations for spectacular mountain day hikes and rock climbing.

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Multi-sport activities in Los Glaciares FAQs

  • How experienced do I need to be?

    Our trips cater for all levels of experience, whether you are a complete beginner or a hardened veteran. Let us know what experience you have and we can tailor the activities to suit you best.

  • What equipment is provided?

    All technical equipment is provided for the different activities. All you need to bring is suitable clothing and footwear. 

    If you have your own technical gear which you would prefer to use then this is absolutely fine. There are also gear shops in both El Chaltén and El Calafate where you can buy new gear. 

    with all necessary camping equipment. You will need to bring your own clothing and suitable footwear. 

  • Can I tailor the trip or are the activities fixed excursions?

    Yes – these activities are designed to fit together into a trip that gives you the broadest possible experience of what Los Glaciares has to offer. We can tailor the different activities together along with any of the day hiking options, to put together a unique trip that's just for you. 

  • How much time should I allow to try as many activities as possible

    To make the most of a multi-sport experience, we recommend a minimum of three nights . Ideally you will have at least five nights to combine them with time on the hiking trail. 

  • What time of year is best for multi-sport activities?

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