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  • El Pedral provides a wonderful way to see the famous wildlife of the region, without having to travel all the way to the peninsula
  • The team at El Pedral are warm and welcoming, and there are lots of cosy corners where you can relax and really feel at home
  • There is some fascinating history to learn about during your stay, as well as some stunning scenery and interesting excursions
  • The vast open steppe surrounding the property creates a wonderful feeling of wilderness and isolation


El Pedral offers day trips from Puerto Madryn, or longer stays, each of which can include a combination of various excursions.

Walk with Magellanic Penguins

Every year in September, a growing colony of friendly Magellanic penguins settles in El Pedral. A guide tour among its nests will enable you to know much more about these curious animals.

El Pedral keeps a control and cleaning program along its coasts, together with collaborating with the foundation GPS, Global Penguin Society, which monitors the Magellanic penguins’ colony of Punta Ninfas (Sep- April).


Walk with Elephant Seals & Sea lions

The beach at the foot of Punta Ninfas’ cliff is the natural habitat of an important colony of elephant seals, where they can be observed in small groups throughout of the year. In mid-September, male individuals arrive to ‘mark their territory’ in order to start making up their harems and increasing them.

After driving for only 15 minutes from the house, we will arrive at the end of the road leading to the Punta Ninfas’ lighthouse, where we will finally get to a pathway down to the beach. Once on the coast, we will be able to walk along the beach and watch these animals very closely. Please, remember that it is very important not to bother them.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to advance slowly in a crouch position, in order to be able to obtain good pictures without making them feel attacked or invaded.


Go Orca / Southern Right Whale Spotting

Spend a day at the beach looking our for the elusive Orcas, and the Southern Right whales between June and December.


Explore the Historic Farmhouse

The house of El Pedral is an authentic Patagonian farmhouse. Its history and particular design results particularly attractive: El Pedral has been built at the beginning of 20th century. Its materials and furniture has been brought in ships from Europe, which disembarked on the coasts of the proper farm.

It has been inaugurated in 1923 and still keeps the aesthetics and style of those times evoking a glorious époque of adventurous entrepreneurs, undisputable pioneers of the development of the Península Valdés.


Visit Punta Ninfas Lighthouse

The Punta Ninfas lighthouse is located only fifteen minutes from the farmhouse, on the high cliffs south of the Golfo Nuevo mouth.

It is a valuable reference for sailors coming into the gulf, together with being a faithful watcher for the first whales arriving at the gulf every year, during the cold May days.

The landscape from the lighthouse at Punta Ninfas overlooking the cliffs will make you feel a privileged witness of a distinct magical and incredible scenery.


Traditional Patagonian Lamb Spit Roast

Early in the morning and while we visit the natural reserve, Humberto, our ‘chief roaster’, with the aid of his assistants will prepare a typical and unforgettable Patagonian lamb roasted on a spit. The menu includes homemade empanadas, assorted salads, house wine and fruit salad.


Relax by the pool, walk in the steppe

Spend an afternoon relaxing by the pool or hiking in the surrounding area, or simply enjoy some tea or coffee with Welsh cakes!

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Swoop says

The perfect place for those with limited time in the area who are still keen to see as much wildlife as possible. Spot penguins, whales, elephant seals, sea lions and more, all within 1.5 hours of Puerto Madryn.

About this hotel


El Pedral is located approx 70km from Puerto Madryn town, and 12km from the Punta Ninfas lighthouse on the mouth of Golfo Nuevo. It is 100km from Trelew airport. You can access the lodge by self-driving, or booking a transfer from Puerto Madryn, Trelew.

Transfers from Puerto Madryn are included for day trips, and transfer from Trelew or Puerto Madryn airport are also included for overnight stays. The road is mainly gravel, and it takes about an hour from Puerto Madryn versus 1h 30 from Trelew.


When to go

All year you'll be able to see sea elephants, one-fur seals, killer whales and many species of birds characteristically found in Patagonia. 

June to December is the ideal time to see Southern Right Whales. The best showing is during the months of August and September, mating season and births of the young.

September to April is the ideal seaon for Magellanic penguis, only 5km from the center of the estancia. El Pedral has been "Refugio de Vida Silvestre" and since 2014 it has been part of the "Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO Peninsula Valdes".




In 1920, Félix Arbeletche bought the farmhouse ‘El Pedral’ with the aim of pleasing his wife, as it had drinkable water for growing the plants she adored.

He had the residence built on an artificial elevation erected in a valley, which is sheltered from the winds but near the coast where there was a reservoir. The construction materials, as well as all the elements for the assembly of the house and its furniture, were brought from Europe in ships that anchored in front of the stone shore of the estancia, where the sea is very deep. The house was inaugurated in 1923. It is roofed by a red corrugated sheet and bears a dome-shaped tower with an observation point that protrudes in the landscape and which is topped by a pinnacle.

Unfortunately, María Olazábal died in 1921, over twenty years after they had arrived in Patagonia but before the beautiful house that her husband had it built for her was finished. Félix Arbeletche, who became wealthy and attained renowned prestige among his peers, died seventeen years later at the age of 68.

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Chloe says

I visited out of season, but even though most of the wildlife had moved on, I still loved the feeling of remoteness and tranquility at the lodge, and the warm welcoming feel it provides. I even managed to spot the odd penguin!

Chloe O'Keeffe Patagonia Specialist



For those of you who wish to enjoy peacefulness and nature, at El Pedral’s retreat we offer lodging and full board at the historical manor of the farmhouse. The manor built in 1923 is part of a unique scenery, made up by an endless pebble shore, high cliffs and fauna in its natural habitat.

In this magical place guests are welcome to take walks at sunset, read in any of the house’ rooms, enjoy the warmth of the firewood or savour dinner in a family atmosphere.

The house of El Pedral is an original Patagonian farmhouse and constitutes a museum itself. This farmhouse has a history and particular design that result especially attractive.


Double Room

Double bed for double occupancy only.


Single room

Twin beds for single or double occupancy.


Triple room

Additional bed included.


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