Things to consider

  • There are two airports in the Valdes region - Trelew (2 hours from the peninsula) and Puerto Madryn (1 hour from the peninsula).
  • Flights to Trelew are more regular than to Puerto Madryn.
  • We recommend flying to Puerto Madryn if possible, as you can spend a few nights there wildlife spotting before heading onto the peninsula.
  • There is no particular reason to spend any more time than necessary in Trelew!

How do I get to (and around) Peninsula Valdes?

Illustrated Guide

How to get to Valdes

Getting there from the airport

Trelew airport: Once you've touched down in Trelew, you can take a pre-booked transfer to Puerto Madryn, or pick up a hire car and drive yourself. It's a 2 hour drive to Puerto Madryn, but we recommend getting there as soon as possible after your flight, rather than sticking around in Trelew, as it's Puerto Madryn where the wildlife-spotting opportunities will start.

Puerto Madryn airport: It's a short 20-minute drive to the bustling beachfront in Puerto Madryn. Stop and relax here for a day or two or set straight out to the peninsula, a 1 hour drive away. 

We can organise transfers for you to all the main sights and hotels in the towns and out on the peninsula. If you'd rather have a bit more freedom to roam the vast spaces and discover secluded beaches and wildlife hotspots, ask us about hiring your own 4x4.

Elephant seal colony at Peninsula Valdés, Argentina

Elephant seal colony at Peninsula Valdés


In and around the main towns, roads tend to be in a good state of repair. However, it's worth keeping vigilant and being wary of some interesting road etiquette, particularly when it comes to roundabouts!

As you venture further from Trelew and Puerto Madryn, along the Atlantic coast or onto the peninsula itself, you'll find that tarmac disappears, and you're presented with poorly maintained and often fairly treacherous dirt tracks. These roads can be very slippery and full of potholes, so are best negotiated at a slow speed and during daylight hours.

Magellanic penguins on Peninsula Valdés, Patagonia, Argentina

Magellanic penguins on Peninsula Valdés

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We recommend hiring a 4x4, or a driver, for travel in this area as many of the roads are dirt/gravel, and are often in bad condition.

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