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There are two airports in the Valdes region - Trelew (2hrs from the peninsula) and Puerto Madryn (1hr from the peninsula), each of which can be accessed directly from Buenos Aires. Flights in and out of Trelew are more regular, but it's further away from the peninsula so involves a longer drive/transfer time. If possible, get a flight to Puerto Madryn, as you will most likely want to spend a few nights there for wildlife spotting before heading onto the peninsula itself. There is no particular reason to spend any more time than necessary in Trelew!

Transport Options

Once you've touched down in Trelew or Puerto Madryn, you have the option of taking a pre-booked transfer to your next destination, or picking up a hire car if you're planning on driving yourself around. Alternatively, you could grab a taxi on arrival.


Road conditions in the Valdes region vary greatly. In and around the main towns, roads tend to be in a good state of repair, but you still need to be wary of crazy drivers and interesting road etiquette - particularly when it comes to roundabouts! As you venture further from Trelew and Puerto Madryn, along the Atlantic coast, or onto the peninsula itself, you'll find that tarmac disappears, and you're stuck with poorly maintained, and often fairly treacherous dirt tracks. These roads can be very slippery and full of pot holes, so are best negotiated at a slow speed and during daylight hours.

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