Why we like this hotel

  • Located in the Chacabuco valley, in the heart of the newly created Patagonia National Park: a fascinating rewilding project.
  • The Chacabuco Lodge has been built by craftsmen with incredible wooden carvings, hard wood floors and deep armchairs where you can disapear with a book. 
  • The hiking nearby is fantastic: head up to a ridge to take in the panoramas, gaze at condors and weave in between lakes or down to the confluence of the Baker and Chacabuco rivers, to marvel at the volume of water that has drained off the northern ice field. 
  • The wildlife is very evident with guanacos on your doorstep; there are also chances to see pumas, huemul deer and nandu if you go looking for them (and are very quiet). 
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Lagunas Atlas hike was beautiful and solitary - only saw one other couple all day.

Sarah Tilley UK March 2017

Watching 50 to 70 guanacos in their natural habitat about 200 feet from me in the late afternoon in a stunning valley with mountains surrounding the valley - Valle Chacabuco Parque Patagonia Read the full review

Carolyn Adams United States Of America January 2020

The lodge at Valle Chacabuco looked like some one had dumped a midwest USA country club in the middle of Chile, but it was comfortable and beautifully appointed nonetheless.

Jane Hemstritch Australia December 2017


Every evening of your stay, assisted by a trusted Explora guide, you will choose from a variety of options for your next day's experience:

4x4 Trip to Paso Roballos

Travel along the Chacabuco valley to the border with Argentina passing lakes, stopping to take photos of the birdlife, guanacos and even cave paintings along the route. 

Lagunas Altas Hike

This 20km hike that starts and ends at the lodge climbs to a ridge through lenga forests and then winds its way amongst some lakes along the ridge with views of the northern ice field, San Valentin and San Lorenzo mountains and looking across the beautiful Chacabuco valley. 

Aviles Hikes

Transfer to the trailhead: a one hour journey from the lodge to the Casa de Piedra trailhead.  From here you will follow the Aviles valley until you cross a magnificent high footbridge above the river and hike back again crossing another footbridge. This hike is not very challenging and gives you the chance to see all sorts of different flora. 

Visit the confluence of the Baker and Chacabuco rivers

After driving to the Carreterra Austral you will hike 1.5km (1mile) downhill to the confluence of the Baker and Chacabuco rivers. The volume of water in the Baker river is vast and the colour of the glacial melt will transfix you.  (3hrs)

La Vega Trail

This easy hike will take approx. 1.5 hours: a loop on the valley floor from the Chacabuco lodge, enjoying spotting condors and guanacos as you go.

About Explora Patagonia National Park


The Explora Patagonia National Park hotel, Chacabuco Valley, Patagonia National Park, Chile

The Explora Patagonia National Park hotel, Chacabuco Valley

Formerly the Chacabuco Lodge built by Kris and Doug Tompkins, the beautifully crafted lodge is located on the floor of the Chacabuco valley under towering cliffs where condors swoop and guancos graze nearby. The lodge is a cosy building with magnificent wooden carvings of mountains, pumas and condors and the feel of a luxury mountain cabin.  The lodge was built by Kris and Doug Tompkins and has now been taken over by Explora, opening under their management in October 2021. 

The National Park

The park consists of three areas: Jeinimeini, Tamango and the Chacabuco Valley, where the Explora is located. The national park was created in 2018 from the Jeinimeini and Tamango nature reserves and the privately owned and managed Parque Patagonia created by the Tomkins Conservation Trust. The park consists of Patagonian steppe, wetlands, glaciated mountains and deciduous lenga forests. 

Explora Patagonia National Park
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Harriet says

This area is beautiful with a crag filling the valley to one side and views of different coloured grasses and interlocking hills as you look towards Argentina and Jeinimeini.

Harriet Pike Trekking, Mountaineering & Cycling Specialist

Rooms & Pricing

Bedroom at the Explora Patagonia National Park hotel, Patagonia National Park, Chile

Bedroom at the Explora Patagonia National Park hotel

Standard Room:

3 nights USD $2,224 per person based on double occupancy (USD $2,980 single occupancy)

4 nights USD $2,817 per person based on double occupancy (USD $3,774 single occupancy)


3 nights USD $2,927 per person based on double occupancy (USD $4,392 single occupancy

4 nights USD $3,708 per person based on double occupancy (USD $4,968 single occupancy

Patagonia National Park

Patagonia National Park

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