Choosing the right hotel in Valparaiso

Whether you are seeking 5* luxury or a simple place to rest your head, there will be a lovely boutique hotel to suit you. One thing is for certain however, Valparaiso is a city of hills, lots of them, so regardless of where you stay, you will be hiking up hill at some point - the views from the top are worth it though. The hotels are all quite close together so depending on what is most important to you, you will find a hotel to suit.

Within the historic quarter you can find:

  • Something Special There are 2 hotels which are simply a notch above the rest. They both offer high end service, spacious rooms and both have spa facilities.
  • Upmarket Boutique With a beautiful finish, lovely service, great location and sweeping views, these hotels go the extra mile when it comes to being boutique hotels. They don't however have any further services such as a spa or pool.
  • Mid-range Boutique Still of a great standard and small and personalised, however these hotels have smaller rooms, little or no views and less services available. They still however offer that uniquely Valparaiso boutique feel and are in great locations..

Accommodation Types

Something Special

Casa Higueras

Dating from 1930, this 20 room hotel offers an exclusive and luxurious haven amongst the hustle and bustle of Valparaiso. It has a hot tub and infinity pool which is positioned on the edge of the hill offering wonderful views across the oldest parts of Valparaiso and the port - the 360° views from its roof terrace are very special as well. The hotel also houses one of the best restaurants in town but is also just a stone's throw from the bars and restaurants of Cerro Concepcion.

Casa Higueras

Palacio Astoreca

Built in 1923 in Victorian style for a European mine owner, the Palacio Astoreca oozes style and grandeur. It opened in 2012, after 3 years of refurbishment, into what it is today, a light, airy and very comfy boutique hotel. With 23 rooms, all varying slightly in size and your view, there are plenty of options. The hotel offers spa facilities with a heated indoor pool and hot tub. A real plus of the hotel is the piano bar which spreads melodic notes throughout the hotel on balmy Friday and Saturday evenings - close your eyes and you are transported back to the heydays of the 1880s!

Palacio Astoreca

Upmarket Boutique

Zero Hotel

Built in 1880, this 9 room hotel is well located on a quiet street just a 2 minute walk to nearby restaurants. The hotel has large, spacious rooms, with high ceilings and the views from the bay window rooms are really breathtaking. It has a number of terraces cascading down the hillside surrounded in lovely flowers from which to enjoy the view, relax and enjoy a drink from the hotels own charming honesty bar.

Zero Hotel

Casa Galos

With 360 degree views from its roof terrace, this hotel quite possibly has the best views in all of Valparaiso. It's a hike up to it (but then everything is up hill in Valpo) but it is still very well located to the main bars and restaurants. Each room has a little kitchenette, the staff are charming, the walls are lined with old photos of Valparaiso and it also has a lift to conquer its many floors. The hotel is a stylish home from home.

Casa Galos

Mid-range Boutique


This is a low key boutique option with just 10 rooms, some lovely outdoor terraces but no views to speak of. The hotel has its own cevicheria with outdoor seating overlooking the colourful street. The rooms are simple and vary in size with brand new bathrooms. If you are looking for a cosy, boutique place to stay but without the price tag (or view), then this is a great option.



From the shell of an old building, the owners of Fauna have totally gutted and re-engineered the inside. With light rooms, good views and simple decor, this hotel is a good choice right in the heart of the Cerro Alegre. A possible negative would be the flights of stairs and no lift. The hotel's own restaurant is a popular choice in the city with sweeping views of the bay and surrounding city.


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FAQs about Hotels in Valparaiso

  • Do the hotels have swimming pools?

    There is only one hotel with an outdoor pool, the exquisite Casa Higueras. The Palacio Astoreca also has a pool but it is indoor - great when the sea mist is in and it is a little fresh outside.

  • Should I worry if the hotel doesn't have a restaurant?

    Valpo is filled with great places to eat which are close to all of the listed hotels. Some of the hotel restaurants are of excellent quality and although we would certainly recommend them, they are not the only options. 

  • Do the hotels have lifts?

    Not all of the hotels have lifts, so if you'd like to try and avoid stairs, make sure you check before hand - as many of the hotels are in restored old building with heavy building restrictions, it isn't uncommon that even a four story building won't have a lift.

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