Covid-19 - A note from our founder

"We are all living through unprecedented times. Never has our industry had to face such turbulence and challenge. Yet throughout the last few months, the daily contact we’ve had from travellers like yourself dreaming of future far-away travel has energised us.

Many of our newer enquiries come from people who are keen to talk to us about their ideas but aren’t necessarily ready to make a firm reservation. That’s absolutely fine with us - after all, the planning stage is a key part of the adventure - our experts have lots of ideas to share, so do pick up the phone and start the conversation so you then have a ready-made plan for when the coast is clear.

We’d encourage everyone to keep the door to adventure open. It’s crucial for our wonderful industry.

I’m in no doubt that our industry will weather the challenges that Covid-19 has brought. I am confident that when this passes, and as soon as it’s safe to do so, we will continue to offer trips that bring life-changing perspectives at the ends of the earth."

Luke Errington, Founder & Managing Director

Booking with Confidence

Plan with Confidence

We recognise that the situation we are currently living in makes planning ahead a challenge. Nobody knows yet when borders will reopen or airlines will take to the skies again, but rest assured that behind the scenes we’re working closely with our local partners who are keeping us updated with the situation on the ground so we can give you the most accurate information.

We also continue to work with industry organisations like ATTA and LATA who Swoop are members of, and are busy planning the future of travel, including health & safety protocols in the post-Covid world.

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What our customers think

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You did an amazing job and we couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much for your dedication to making our trip magical every step of the way. We will definitely recommend you.

Chris Houck United States Of America December 2019

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Everything was perfect. Understandable and very informative. Swoop are very professional.

Igor Gorelik Russian Federation November 2018

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We couldn't have booked this trip without Swoop. In particular, the accommodations recommended to us along the Carretera Austral were perfect. I have and will continue to recommend working with Swoop for any interested friends.

Sonia Canada November 2017

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I would love to visit other destinations with Swoop. These destinations are challenging to book/research/prepare for, so having a specialist to talk with beforehand is really important and helpful.

Amy Australia October 2017

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Having Swoop plan the trip was essential. We would not have been able to duplicate what they did for us with their knowledge of the area. The amount of time we stayed in each place was perfect. The trip was incredible and we are so grateful to the Swoop team for all they did.

Lucy Edwards United States Of America November 2019

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We were extremely happy with Swoop and their partners in Chile and Argentina. This ranged from the months leading up to our trip, in the planning stage, as well as during our stay.

Parag UK January 2017

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Patagonia Season 2020/2021

Booking with Confidence

We are monitoring the situation very closely regarding when the Chilean and Argentinian Governments will reopen their borders and their national parks.

The current prognosis from our contacts on the ground is that it's looking increasingly likely that the start to the traditional Patagonia season in October will be delayed. Some hotels in Patagonia won’t be opening their doors again after the winter until closer to Christmas.

More positively, much work has been done in recent months to establish and introduce new safety measures and protocols. While it's fair to say that with its low population density and wide-open spaces, few parts of the world can compete with Patagonia when it comes to social distancing.

For anyone who's looking to set their future Patagonia plans in place, given how dynamic the current situation is we suggest you get in touch so we can share the most up-to-date travel advice with you.

Our experts would be delighted to discuss your travel ideas and provide inspiration, whether you're in the early research stage or looking to get plans in place.

Trips with flexible booking terms

We've handpicked a selection of trips that provide the most flexibility when booking. From active adventurer to luxury explorer, we can weave together your perfect Patagonian experience.

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