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Piedra Parada and Butreria Canyon are located in the Chubut region of Patagonia, a couple of hours from Esquel. The canyon is home to 300+ sport climbing routes, and there are a number of multipitch trad routes up the Piedra Parada pinnacle itself. The rocktype is volcanic tuff, and features a number of holes, pockets and edges. The rock can seem a bit loose so it is best to always wear a helmet.

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If you fancy something a bit more adventurous after a few days sport climbing, the multi-pitch routes up the Piedra Parada pinnacle are lots of fun, though there can be a bit of loose rock so make sure you wear a helmet!

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About rock climbing in Piedra Parada

Rock climbing areas in Piedra Parada


Buitrera Canyon: The long canyon is 5km in length, and is home to 300+ sport climbing routes, varying from 10-35m. A short 10 minute walk from the campsite leads you to the canyon and is beautiful, passing vast orange faces of rock and babbling streams. The  routes are of excellent quality and with a vast grade range, from f4 all the way up to f9a.

Piedra Parada: The Piedra Parada pinnacle is home to a number of multi-pitch trad routes, some of which have the odd bolt or peg, but a rack of cams is a must. These are great fun, and reward you with an amazing view of the area at the top! Most routes are around 6 pitches, and require several abseils to reach the ground.

Camping La Buitrera


The campsite at Piedra Parada, nicknamed 'Mario's farm' is pretty idyllic. A river runs through the camp, perfect for a post-climb swim, and lazing next to on sunny rest days. It is only $45ARS per night, and there is a shop where you can buy beers, food, etc. There are toilets and showers, and running water, as well as a fun communal area with a number of benches, where you can sit and cook in the evening, listen to music and make friends.

If you want to go even simpler, there is a free campsite on the opposite side of the river, although this has no facilities at all.

Questions about Rock Climbing in Piedra Parada

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Climbing in Piedra Parada

  • How do I get to Piedra Parada?

    There are regular flights to Esquel from Buenos Aires. You can take a bus to Esquel from several nearby cities (and there are overnight bus options for longer journeys). From Esquel it is a 2.5 hour drive to Piedra Parada. It is also possible to drive from Bariloche, although this will take longer.

  • Do I need a guide?

    If you have your own climbing gear and have sport climbed before, Piedra Parada is the perfect venue for a relaxed sport climbing trip. However, if you have less experience climbing and you want to try some sport climbing and experience the incredible views from the top of the Piedra Parada pinnacle, it's a great idea to take a guided trip.

  • Do I need to bring food and equipment with me?

    If you've booked a trip or hired a guide, they will typically have most of the equipment you will need, although you should check about personal equipment (harness, shoes etc.). The campsite at Piedra Parada has a small shop, but it is a good idea to buy some food to take with you. There is also a small town a 20-30 minute drive from Piedra Parada where you can stock up on supplies.

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