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The December 2020 Solar Eclipse is taking place in the northern lake districts of Chile and Argentina.

Places to see the Solar Eclipse


At the northern part of the Chilean Lake district, Pucon is a famous lakeside resort for Chileans to spend their summers. It is also the jumping off point for some fantastic adventures such as hiking volcanoes, white water rafting, mountain biking and hiking, or a combination of them all! From here it is possible to climb the Villarica Volcano and hike in the stunning Huequehue National park.


San Martin de Los Andes

This small, sleepy lakeside town is the quieter sister of Bariloche. San Martin (as it is known locally) is the jumping off point for hikes that summit the Lanin Volcano and multi-day bike rides across the Andes into Chile. Sitting on the shores of the mighty Lascar Lake, it makes a wonderful base for exploring the area and is equally suited as a place to relax after a strenuous adventure.

Solar Eclipse 2020

Combine the Solar Eclipse with a longer trip

If you want to combine the solar eclipse with a longer itinerary to explore more of what Patagonia has to offer, Swoop can help you do so:

  1. Wineries: Chile and Argentina both have a rich wine heritage. In recent years, their wines have attracted worldwide acclaim. Taste the new generation of wines through a variety of guided tours. Discover more

  2. Adventure Activities: Patagonia is shaped by some of the world's greatest geographical influences: the Andes, the fault line that lies beneath them, the Patagonian Ice Cap and the confluence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The glacier fields, mountains, volcanoes, lakes and fjords make for a vast playground for a range of different adventure activities. Discover more 

  3. The Lake District: The Patagonian Lake Districts in Chile and Argentina stretch across the Andes in northern Patagonia. Whether you're looking for scenery or adventure, the Lake District has plenty to offer. With stunning blue lakes, andean peaks and volcanoes, the Lake District is no doubt one of the most beautiful areas in Patagonia. Discover more 

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