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  1. Vessel - Australis cruises sail aboard 2 different vessels: Stella Australis and Ventus Australis. Each is identical, but Ventus is newer and only came into service in Jan 2018. Both are very comfortable vessels with around 200 person capacity, excellent food and service.
  2. Route - Choice of a one way trip between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas (4 nights), or a round trip of 8 nights. A great way to cross the border and connect Torres del Paine with Tierra del Fuego.
  3. Excursions - Australis offer a great combination of glaciers, wildlife and Cape Horn on most of their trips, with land excursions via zodiac boat and the option to take challenging or relaxed hikes.
  4. Timing - These cruises start operating in late September with the last departure in early April. Weather is good throughout this period, but bear in mind that the penguins will not be visited in September and April.
  5. Cost - prices start from $1,440 USD per person for the cheapest cabin type on a 4 night trip in low season, up to around $7,000 for the biggest and best cabin types on 8 night trips in high season.
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Swoop says

These cruises are ideal for people looking for varied excursions combined with excellent comfort and service aboard a small vessel that can access and remote channels of the Patagonian Fjords.

Tierra del Fuego Cruises

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What Our Customers Think

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We particularly appreciated Chloe's suggestion to add the Australis cruise - brilliant choice.

Heinrich March 2016

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I wanted to let you know all four of us had the BEST TRIP imaginable over 6 gorgeous weeks.

Martin & Heather April 2015

The Australis is well-run and enjoyable. There was no one highlight – Cape Horn, the fiords, the penguins, and so on. The wild and beautiful mountains and glaciers were amazing to see. Read the full review

Barry Fields United States Of America March 2019

Everything was a highlight: walking around Cape Horn, seeing the glaciers up close, going on hikes, seeing the penguins, the guides' knowledge and ability to explain things well, the food, the organization on the ship, the staff. The zodiac excursions were great and they did a good job of getting us on and off. All the guides were top-notch. Read the full review

Mary Lou Bell United States Of America February 2019

Our highlight was the cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia - landing on Cape Horn was amazing! Read the full review

Jacky Wu United States Of America February 2019

I was blown away at the thoughtfullness that went into the experience and the level of service and consideration towards the guest. I greatly appreciated the historic/informative talks and movies, and the onship library was a treat. Read the full review

Stephani Dalbesio United States Of America December 2018

Truly, 100%, the service on board was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Combined with the other guests, it make for truly a once in a lifetime experience. Read the full review

Stephani Dalbesio United States Of America December 2018

The Cape Horn landing was the highlight for me.....and all those steep stairs which I slowly made it up, despite having bronchitis. We also won the auction at the Captain's dinner for the navigational map of the Cape Horn landing... a thrill. Read the full review

Diana Wood United States Of America December 2018

Our cruise was really lovely. We learned a lot from the onboard lectures- about glaciology and also the history of the Yamana people. We enjoyed the zodiac excursions, we usually took the “easy” option because it came with more educational time. Read the full review

Mindy De Hooge United States Of America December 2018

The boat was very nice. We felt there was no reason to pay extra for the large-window rooms as we spent very little time in the room. They had an open bridge policy so you could knock and go in almost anytime! How cool! Read the full review

Mindy De Hooge United States Of America December 2018

The wildlife talks and visits were great. The staff were knowledgeable about flora. The food was outstanding. Kudos to the pastry chef! He took great pride in his work and it showed. Read the full review

Angie Littlefield Canada April 2018

The cruise on Australis was fantastic. Our friends swore up and down that they hated cruises, but Australis won them over, easily.

Jenny Oregon, USA November 2017

Taking the ship around Cape Horn was incredible. The captain manoeuvred in the area so we could view the area and take in the awesome power of the two oceans meeting. The scenery was breathtaking. Read the full review

Ed Eargle United States Of America November 2017

Our trip was phenomenal, A++. It was the best trip of our lives.

John & Marilyn November 2015

Tierra del Fuego Cruises Map

This interactive Google map shows the landmarks that are visited on adventure cruises in Tierra del Fuego.

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Chloe says

We took a zodiac onto the shore right beneath one of the glaciers. It was the first time I'd ever been so close to one - it was incredible. With a great crash, the glacier calved and we all dashed back up the beach as the wave rushed acrosss the lagoon towards us.

Chloe O'Keeffe Patagonia Specialist

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