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  1. Vessel - Australis cruises sail aboard 2 different vessels: Stella Australis and Ventus Australis. Each is identical, but Ventus is newer and only came into service in Jan 2018. Both are very comfortable vessels with around 200 person capacity, excellent food and service.
  2. Route - Choice of a one way trip between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas (4 nights), or a round trip of 8 nights. A great way to cross the border and connect Torres del Paine with Tierra del Fuego.
  3. Excursions - Australis offer a great combination of glaciers, wildlife and Cape Horn on most of their trips, with land excursions via zodiac boat and the option to take challenging or relaxed hikes.
  4. Timing - These cruises start operating in late September with the last departure in early April. Weather is good throughout this period, but bear in mind that the penguins will not be visited in September and April.
  5. Cost - prices start from $1,440 USD per person for the cheapest cabin type on a 4 night trip in low season, up to around $7,000 for the biggest and best cabin types on 8 night trips in high season.
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Tierra del Fuego Cruises

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Tierra del Fuego Cruises Map

This interactive Google map shows the landmarks that are visited on adventure cruises in Tierra del Fuego.

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Booking Your Cruise - How We Can Help You

  1. Find the best cruise for you

    We work with 10 different cruise, small boat, and sailing companies throughout Patagonia, offering a range of trips, each with it's own focus. We know each and every one of them inside out and love helping people to find the best one to suit their plans, interests and travelling styles.

  2. Incorporate your cruise into a 2-3 week itinerary

    People often want to combine a cruise, small boat trip or sailing adventure into a longer 2-3 week itinerary. We'd be delighted to help you work out which regions offer the types of experiences you're looking for, and the best ways in which to combine them and make the best use of your precious travel time.

  3. Plan and arrange your flights, logistics and accommodation before/ after

    If it's just a cruise, small boat or sailing trip that you want to book, but you'd like some help managing the logistics of getting to the right place at the right time, and arranging suitable accommodation and transport, just let us know.

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