Why We Like This Ship

  • Not your typical “cruise ship” - a luxurious vessel that is small enough to get into hidden corners of the fjords
  • Excellent service & fine wining / dining
  • Highly knowledgeable expedition leaders
  • Comfortable lounges and spacious cabins to relax in after a day's exploring
  • Zodiac boat excursions to remote, uninhabited locations
  • Excursions to suit all abilities/ adventure levels
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Cabin Categories

There are 100 cabins aboard the Stella Australis, each offers a picture window with panoramic view and private bathroom as well as individually controlled heating, radios, life jackets, hair dryers and safe-deposit boxes.

Standard cabins (B, A, AA and AAA) measure 16.5 metres square. 

Superior cabins (AAS, AAAS) measure 20.5 metres square.

The five different types are detailed below...

AAA Superior (2)

  • Wonderfully spacious and airy, measuring 220 square feet in size, with ample room for storage and relaxation.
  • Well positioned for access to the Sky Lounge and Darwin Lounge
  • The best view on board, due to their height on the ship, and the huge floor to ceiling picture window.
  • Large king sized beds measuring 1.8m x 1.98m.

AAA (23)

  • Spacious cabins measuring 178 square feet
  • Located on the Cabo de Hornos Deck next to the Sky Lounge and Bridge.
  • These cabins offer the best view on board, with windows measuring 1.58m x 1.80m
  • Standard-size twin (1.05m x 1.90m) or double beds (1.60m x 1.90m).

AA Superior (2)

  • Luxuriously spacious, AA Superior cabins measure 220 square feet 
  • Located on the Tierra del Fuego Deck next to the Yamana Lounge.
  • Views from large windows measuring 1.45m x 1.37m
  • Larger king beds measuring 1.8m x 1.98m.

AA (36)

  • Spacious cabins measuring 178 square feet 
  • Located on the Tierra del Fuego Deck next to the Yamana Lounge.
  • Views from large windows measuring 1.45m x 1.37m.
  • Standard-size twin (1.05m x 1.90m) or double beds. (1.60m x 1.90m)

A Cabins (34) & B Cabins (3)

  • Spacious cabins measuring 178 square feet.
  • Slightly smaller windows on this deck measuring 1.45m x 1.20m.
  • Standard-size twin (1.05m x 1.90m) or double beds. (1.60m x 1.90m)
  • B cabins are on the low deck with slightly less panoramic view than the A cabins and the prices reflect this.
  • If you are planning a year in advance you might be lucky enough to secure one of these.

Stella Australis Deck Plan

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