Why We Like This Lodge

  • Superb location within Argentine Patagonia; explore the forests, rivers and mountains that surround the lodge in the middle of the Electric Valley, located near the Southern Ice Field, the largest ice mass outside of the Polar regions. Visit Fitz Roy and the famous Perito Moreno glacier on guided trips with experienced bilingual guides.
  • Conservation; set within the Los Huemules Reserve with 5,800 hectares of flora and fauna conservation, Explora's team act as custodians of the land they have been entrusted with and have developed a strict environmental policy.
  • Architecture; based on the ancient estancias built by colonizers to the area, the Explora El Chalten architecture perfectly matches its pristine location, enticing travellers to share and set up gathering spots in comfortable, spacious, and cosy indoor areas.
  • Spa; the perfect place to rest after an intense day of exploration, relax in the hot tubs and saunas, and enjoy a comforting massage.

About Explora El Chalten


Located 17 kilometres from the town of El Chaltén in the Electric Valley, tucked away in the beautiful Los Huemules Reserve. El Chalten is recognised as the 'National Capital for Trekking' thanks to it's pristine and protected landscapes, numerous hiking circuits of varying difficulties and incredible views of native forests, sky-high peaks and amazing natural lagoons.

Los Huemules Natural Reserve has about 16 kilometres of marked trails and a view to the area’s most luring attraction, Mount Fitz Roy. In addition, it houses the Gorra Blanca and Marconi glaciers, with the latter providing an access route to the Southern Patagonian Ice field. The wildlife living in the area includes condors, torrent ducks, Magellanic woodpecker, the Andean fox, and even the puma. 

Explora El Chalten


The hotel offers a fantastic choice of over 30 full or half-day guided explorations in groups of no more than eight travellers accompanied by a bilingual guide experienced in the local area. The area’s geography has towering mountains and different landscapes to be discovered through treks, overland trips, ice hikes, and even rock climbing, depending on the preferences and skills of each traveller.

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Explora El Chalten's location in the Los Huemules Reserve is truly secluded and at one with nature. It allows you to step away from busy modern life and reconnect with the natural world on an epic scale.

Food & Drink

The hotel is conscious that its guests may have physically strenuous activities during their stay, so they endeavour to provide food that is substantial enough to sustain them but that feels light and healthy. They use quality ingredients and focus on bringing out the best of each product and offering pure flavours. The flavours of Argentinean Patagonia is the inspiration for the menu, offering different lunch and dinner options that change on a daily basis.

The Explorer's Bar offers different local spirits and relaxed cosy space to share your daily experiences with other travellers, and to plan the next day’s explorations with your guide.

Explora El Chalten


The hotel provides a full spa service for travellers to refuel their energy after a day of exploration. The spa is equipped with hydromassages, a sauna, and a massage room specially designed to enjoy the views of their unique location.

Explora El Chalten

Rooms & Pricing

A four-night stay in a Standard Room in the 2020/21 quiet season (April to October) starts from USD $871. In high season (November to March) a four-night stay in a Standard Room starts from USD $1,089. In the holiday season (December 21st 2020 to January 1st 2021) a four-night stay in a Standard Room starts from USD $1,252

The hotel has 20 rooms with silence, privacy and breathtaking views of the Eléctrico Valley, the Marconi Glacier, and the area’s mountain range.

Suite Room: 3 rooms measuring 60m² (646 feet²).
Standard Room: 17 rooms measuring 36m² (388 feet²).

Explora El Chalten

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