Cochamó Crossing

There are other ways to cross the border from the Chilean Lake District to Bariloche. But, this one tops them all, and really gets you off the beaten track. Ride for 7 days, with an experienced local guide, through rivers, forests, lakes & marshes. On some of the nights you'll eat and stay with locals in the area.

7 Days


Cochamó Crossing - 7 - $2,530

Itinerary Map

Start from Puerto Varas and end at Bariloche

Landmarks visited on Cochamó Crossing

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Puerto Varas / Las Juntas

We will go to Cochamo, a town by the Reloncavi Estuary (the first fiord of the Patagonia) and meet our local guide and his horses. You will be given safety instructions and we will begin our horse ride in the Andes Range through the valley with lots of vegetation and spectacular views of the granite walls surrounding it. We stay in a refuge close to the river with good food and spectaculars views of the mountains around.

Accommodation: Mountain refuge

Meals: Box-lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Las Juntas / Arco iris

Today we'll have many chances to do hikes around the refuge, all of them very attractive- in special the Arco Iris hike that is one of the best viewpoints in Patagonia. It will take 7 hours and 900mts up and down to make the hike. Once in the refuge we will enjoy the good food to celebrate the day. 

Accommodation: Mountain refuge

Meals: Breakfast, Box-lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Las Juntas / El Arco

This is a great day because at dawn we will be surrounded by granite walls and as we go up the valley we will see alerce forests. We will cross many rivers and ancient forests and visit a peculiar rock formation called El Arco (Arch). Free afternoon to explore and set camp

Accommodation: Camping

Meals: Breakfast, Box-lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Las Juntas / Vidal Gormaz Lake

We will go deeper into the Andean Range, go past a lake and some marshes where we will find traces of early settlers (early 1900?s) and finally reach Vidal Gormaz Lake and meet a family who lives in the area and set camp in the family's property. 

Accommodation: Camping

Meals: Breakfast, Box-lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Bahamondes Family / Torrentoso River

We ride for 4 hours and cross a river to get to the next family; from here we have the chance to go see rock paintings made by the indigenous people 800 years ago. We'll enjoy the free afternoon and the chance to sleep either in the tents or in the family's lodging.

Accommodation: Camping / Guesthouse

Meals: Breakfast, Box-lunch, Dinner

Day 6: Torrentoso / El Leon

After drinking a mate and saying goodbye to the Bahamomdes family, we will go down to Correntoso where we will have lunch and rest for one hour. We will then go up the Manso River valley and reach El Le?n, a small village on the border with Argentina. We will set camp here and spend the afternoon with a local family.

Accommodation: Camping

Meals: Breakfast, Box-lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Crossing to Argentina

As we cross the border on this day, we say goodbye to our local guide and his horses and go through with the frontier paperwork -both in Carabineros de Chile and Gendarmer?a Argentina. We will cross two large hanging bridges and we will visit a Chilean family who has their garden divided in two by the frontier. Here we will catch our bus that will take us to Bariloche.

Meals: Breakfast, Box-lunch

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Please note:

The price of USD $2,530 per person is based on a group of 4-12 people. Prices are higher for smaller groups, please enquire for more information.

Departures can be set up for a minimum of 2 people. Please get in touch for more details.

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