Tierra del Fuego Photography Cruise

Sailings of this 8-day, full-board voyage are rare. It explores some less-travelled areas of the region on a small, 20-person vessel with an expert photographer and guide, helping you get incredible shots of the landscape and the humpbacks, albatross and penguins. You also have the chance to kayak in the fjords.

8 Days


Tierra del Fuego Photography Cruise - 8 - $3,300

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • Evening welcome dinner in Punta Arenas
  • Sail along the Strait of Magellan towards Isla Carlos III
  • See the black-browed albatross colony of Azopardo Bay
  • Visit Jackson Bay's colonies of sea elephants and albatross, continuing through Parry Fjord
  • Picture the Magellan penguin and other native birdlife around Tuckers Isle
  • Navigate Gabriel Channel before disembarking at Punta Arenas

Landmarks visited on Tierra del Fuego Photography Cruise

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Punta Arenas

Arrival to Punta Arenas. Evening meeting at the hotel and welcome dinner.

Day 2: Punta Arenas - Barbara Channel

Departing from your hotels at 8am, we'll drive out to Punta Carrera (area of Fort Bulnes), from where we'll board and weigh anchor at 9am. Setting off on our adventure, we'll sail across the Straits of Magellan towards Isla Carlos III in the Francisco Coloane Marine Park (260 sq miles).

Day 3: Helado Glacier - Rupert Islet - Carlos III Island

In the early morning, we'll navigate through Barbara channels towards the Helado Glacier. We began the navigation to Carlos III Island, enjoying whale watching en route. By Rupert Islet, we can see sea wolfs, penguins, skuas, petrels and albatrosses.

During the night we sail through the Magellan Strait towards the De Agostini Sound.

Day 4: Carlos III - De Agostini Sound - Aguila Glacier

In the night, we enter the Magdalena Channel and the Keats Fjord, travelling towards the De Agostini Sound. We'll wake up at dawn with the view of Aguila Glacier. In the morning we'll visit Aguila Glacier and those who would like to can try some kayaking in Bahia Angelito. At midday, we depart in the direction of the Serrano glacier, where we spend the night.

Day 5: Serrano Glacier - Gabriel Channel - Almirantazgo Sound

In the morning we'll visit Vergara Glacier. At midday we depart in the direction of the Gabriel Channell, a narrow crossing of extraordinary beauty that leads us into Almirantazgo Sound. From here we'll continue our journey towards Azopardo Bay to visit a colony of black-browed albatrosses. We'll then set anchor at Parry Fjord.

Day 6: Caleta Maria - Jackson Bay - Parry Fjord

Visit a colony of sea elephants in Jackson Bay and a colony of albatrosses in the afternoon. We'll then set anchor at Parry Fjord to admire an amazing glacier, surrounded by the highest snowy peaks of the Darwin range.

Day 7: Parry Fjord - Tucker Islet and Filton Bay

We'll visit Tuckers Isle, where we'll observe a wide variety of birdlife, including the Magellan Penguin, cormorants, skuas and others. After that, we'll head towards Fitton Bay to visit another wonderful glacier.

Day 8: Filton Bay - Carrera Bay - Punta Arenas

In the early morning, we'll navigate through Gabriel Channel towards our final destination. After disembarking we'll be driven back to Punta Arenas to our hotel, finishing around 6pm.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

This trip can run as a group trip, with prices starting from $3,300 per person for a complete group. If you are looking to join a group or you are a solo traveller we will help to form likeminded groups of travellers. Please let us know your travel plans.

The trip can also run on a private basis to fit around your plans. Departures may be tailored and can be set up on a date of your choice. Please note that there is a higher price for smaller groups. Please enquire for further details.


  • Welcome dinner
  • 1 night accommodation in Hotel Plaza
  • Transfer to and from the embarking place
  • Guide on board (Spanish / English)
  • Full board, wines and open bar
  • Travel assistance insurance


  • Anything not included in the itinerary
  • Personal Items

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