Express Humpback Whale Encounter

If short of time, this trip is perfect for whale watching. Spending a day and 2 nights in the middle of the Strait of Magellan, spot the region's whale species, including the humpback, with the help of on-board guides.

1 Day


Express Humpback Whale Encounter - 1 - $715

Itinerary Map

Start from Punta Arenas and end at Punta Arenas

Landmarks visited on Express Humpback Whale Encounter

Operator's Itinerary

Trip Summary

  • 8pm start, board ship at 9pm, overnight in the Strait
  • Zodiacs to Glacier Santa Ines, spot whales in the Strait, overnight in Strait
  • Disembark at Punta Arenas at 7am

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Punta Arenas - Marine Park

Departing from your hotel at 8pm, we'll drive out to Punta Carrera (area of Fuerte Bulnes) from where we'll board and weigh anchor at 9pm.  As the FORREST sails off into the Strait, dinner will be served.

Lodging on board.

Day 2:   Marine Park

At  approximately 7am, the FORREST will drop anchor inside the Helado Sound, in the southern area of Santa Ines Island and opposite the stunning Glacier.  During the morning we'll board zodiac boats to arrive at the foot of the ice wall, disembarking at one of its sides.

During the rest of the day we'll navigate between Canal Barbara and Carlos III Island, sighting some of the whales that can be found swimming in these waters.

At nightfall, as we sit down to dinner, the FORREST will being the journey back to Punta Carrrera, while guest settle in for a good night's rest in their comfortable cabins.

Day 3:  Marine Park  - Punta Arenas

At 7am, once the ship has weighed anchor, passengers landing for the drive back into town, arriving during the morning to continue with travel  schedule.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Please note that the prices shown are for cabins with shared bathrooms, the price for private bathrooms is $1,240 per person (Double) or $825 per person (Quadruple). 

December 2019
2-Dec-2019 $715* $1,070
9-Dec-2019 Full Full
22-Dec-2019 Full Full
27-Dec-2019 Full Full
30-Dec-2019 Full Full
January 2020
3-Jan-2020 Full Full
6-Jan-2020 Full Full
8-Jan-2020 Full Full
10-Jan-2020 Full Full
13-Jan-2020 Full Full
15-Jan-2020 Full Full
27-Jan-2020 Full Full
31-Jan-2020 Full Full
February 2020
3-Feb-2020 Full Full
17-Feb-2020 Full Full
19-Feb-2020 Full Full
21-Feb-2020 Full Full
24-Feb-2020 Full Full
26-Feb-2020 Full Full
27-Feb-2020 Full Full
March 2020
2-Mar-2020 Full Full
4-Mar-2020 Full Full
6-Mar-2020 Full Full
9-Mar-2020 Full Full
11-Mar-2020 Full Full
13-Mar-2020 Full Full
23-Mar-2020 Full Full
25-Mar-2020 Full Full
27-Mar-2020 Full Full
30-Mar-2020 Full Full
April 2020
1-Apr-2020 Full Full
3-Apr-2020 Full Full
6-Apr-2020 Full Full
15-Apr-2020 Full Full
17-Apr-2020 Full Full
20-Apr-2020 Full Full
24-Apr-2020 Full Full
27-Apr-2020 Full Full
May 2020
4-May-2020 Full Full
8-May-2020 Full Full
11-May-2020 Full Full
15-May-2020 Full Full
18-May-2020 Full Full
25-May-2020 Full Full
29-May-2020 Full Full

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $715


  • Transfer to/from embarkation point.
  • Guide on board
  • Full board, wines & open bar
  • Travel assistance insurance


  • Personal Equipment
  • Gratuities

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