Puerto Natales to Lake District Ferry

Finish your trek in Torres del Paine and get to the Chilean Lake District via a beautiful journey through Chilean Fjords and canals. You'll see glaciers, sea lions, forests and bays over 5 days. Finish your trek in Torres del Paine and get to the Chilean Lake District via a beautiful journey through Chilean Fjords and canals. You'll see glaciers, sea lions, forests and bays over 5 days.

5 Days

Puerto Natales to Lake District Ferry - 5

Itinerary Map

Start from Puerto Natales and end at Puerto Montt

Landmarks visited on Puerto Natales to Lake District Ferry

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Puerto Natales Board at 09:00 PM. Film and Live Music at night.

Check in in Puerto Natales at number 262 Pedro Montt Street between 9am til 1pm and from 3pm to 7pm. We embark at 9pm. The crew will welcome passengers on board and provide information for a safe and enjoyable trip. Our journey will take us through the Patagonian fjords before arriving at our destination in Puerto Montt.

Day 2: Ultima Esperanza Fjord – Sarmiento Channel – Amalia Glacier.

Departure takes places at dawn and we have the Captain’s welcome and safety video at 09:30am. We enter the Union Fjord to start our journey and continue through the narrowest part of the fjord, La Angostura White which is only 80 metres wide. We'll have a talk about Geology and Glaciation and lunch at midday. Later we'll reach the southernmost point of our trip at Paso Sobenes and we'll continue on via the Farquar fjord which will take us to the Sarmiento Canal. There will be a documentary at 03:00pm and talk about Kaweskar people in the afternoon (High season only). By evening we'll reach the Estero Peet fjord. This area is full of glaciers and if the weather permits it, we'll get up close to them to have a better look (during high season only) Potential glaciers to visit are Glaciar Amalia, Glaciar Skua, Estero de las montanas, Iceberg or Brujo. The day ends with a documentary and dinner at 07:00pm and film and live music at 10:00pm.

Day 3: Puerto Edén – Messier Channel – Angostura Inglesa.

At dawn we arrive at the town of Puerto Edén (only during high season), where we'll find Wellington Island, one of the biggest islands in Chile which forms part of the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the biggest in Chile comprising of Magellanic forests and the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap. After an early coffee at 6am and breakfast at 7:30, we'll have our morning briefing and disembark in Puerto Eden at 8:30am (during high season).

Afterwards we continue our journey north which takes us to Angostura Inglesa, a narrow fjord which can only allow one ship at a time to pass. We continue along Messier Channel where we'll see the cargo ship "Capitán Leonidas" which was stranded 70 years ago on a semi submerged island called "bajo Cotopaxi". This island is now used as a sort of light house and reference point for sailors. We have lunch and then a talk about flora and fauna in the afternoon. As evening falls we start sailing through an oceanic area where we'll see humpback whales and dolphins if we're lucky. Dinner is at 7:30pm.

Day 4: Channels – Peñón Blanco – Melinka.

At dawn we'll arrive in Inchemó, the point of entry to the Northern Ice Field channels. We sail through Ana Pink Bay and Pulluche Channel, where we'll enjoy the beautiful green vegetation surrounding us (forests of Cyprus and Lenga trees) and if we're lucky, again we might see dolphins, sea lions and sea birds. We continue along the channel and after lunch at 12:30pm we finally reach the Gulf of the Corcovado and the Gulf of Ancud, where it's sometimes possible to spot Blue whales. Dinner at 7:30pm, bingo, and a party at night.

Day 5: Puerto Montt Arrival.

At at 6am we'll find ourselves in Puerto Montt. We have breakfast at 7:30am. We sail through the Gulf of Ancud and the Reloncavì Fjord. Lunch and disembarkation takes place in Puerto Montt at 8:30am.

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

This trip can run as a group trip, with prices starting from $0 per person for a complete group. If you are looking to join a group or you are a solo traveller we will help to form likeminded groups of travellers. Please let us know your travel plans.

The trip can also run on a private basis to fit around your plans. Departures may be tailored and can be set up on a date of your choice. Please note that there is a higher price for smaller groups. Please enquire for further details.< /p>

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