5 reasons to visit in March

  • It won’t feel as busy in the refugios or campsites 
  • Enjoy having fewer people to share the National Parks with
  • Better chance of wildlife spotting as many of the region’s quieter animals have the space they need to break cover
  • Notice a golden tinge to the landscape as Autumn/Fall begins to creep in 
  • Unique photography opportunities as the whole landscape changes before your eyes

Hiking in Patagonia in March

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Group Tours in March

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Chloe says

I adore Patagonia in March because the days are still long enough to enjoy to the full, the winds tend to be calmer than in the height of summer, and leaves begin to turn gorgeous shades of red, yellow and gold which makes for stunning photos.

Chloe O'Keeffe Patagonia Specialist

Why visit Patagonia in March?

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What Our Customers Think of Patagonia in March

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The scenery is breathtaking everywhere: high jagged mountains covered with hanging glaciers, fantastic pinnacled ridges, from which huge screes fall to the timber line, imposing rock towers, enormous rounded granite bluffs, vast alluvial valleys with braided rivers, blue lakes and lagoons, precipitous gorges and water-courses.

Travelled: March 2017

Mark and Katie - UK

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Highlights of Aysen...the San Raphael glacier approached by boat on a day of swirling mists, ultimately bright sunshine and dead calm was incredibly atmospheric. Carlos the Condor doing a close fly-past as we approached Laguna Cerro Castillo.

Travelled: March 2017

Sarah and Charles - UK

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To anyone who feels a quickening of interest at the word “adventure”, a little visceral sense of excitement, and who is willing to take things as they come, we would say “go to Patagonia, go”.

Travelled: March 2017

Mark - UK

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The wildlife was surprisingly abundant and all around us, from Guanacos, Pumas (spotted while on bus!), Andean Foxes, Condors, Carpintero Gigante, Caracara, Flamingos, Ibis, Falcons which followed us to Grey Glacier, and the ubiquitous Southern Lapwing.

Travelled: March 2017

Andy - UK

The French glacier and Mirador Brittanica were the highlights of the W trail. Saw a surprising amount of wildlife like foxes, hawks and small forest birds. At the refugios, which were almost too comfortable, met fellow hikers and had a cosy place to chat and unwind after a long hard day of trekking.

Travelled: March 2017

Naveen - Netherlands


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