About me


Life Before Swoop

I grew up in upstate New York, India, and Thailand, and as a result, got an early taste for travel. I relied on books to get me through the ups and downs of moving so much at an an early age, and after reading issue upon issue of National Geographic, I decided to pursue a journalism degree in New York City. There, I loved delving into different worlds other than my own and freelanced all throughout my college career. Upon graduating, I decided that I needed to have more adventures to write about, and that's when I settled on Patagonia. I hopped on a plane and landed in Puerto Natales, in Southern Patagonia. Since then, I've been working in the outdoor industry surrounded by inspiring people and places. I've led trail crew in Alaska, backpacking trips in the North Cascades, and organised kayaking trips in the San Juan Islands. I feel so fortunate to have been able to live in such remarkable places, and am always searching for ways to share them with others. 

My Patagonian Experience

I moved to Puerto Natales, Chile in the fall of 2014, and spent two seasons working in the Torres del Paine region. I served as the Director of Community Partnerships for the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, an environmental organization that works to ensure the long-term health of Torres del Paine and its surrounding communities.

While uniting the efforts of the public and private sector to promote more sustainable tourism initiatives in the region, I was able to explore in and around Torres del Paine. I trekked to meetings at different refugios in the Park, and in between work commitments, I hiked through valleys and up mountains, constantly pushing myself to see how far I could make it. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Day to Day at Swoop

I work remotely in Washington State to assist our U.S. customers. I help connect them with our local partners to enjoy the best of what Patagonia has to offer. Having called Torres del Paine home for a while, I mostly specialise in trips in and around that region.

Why I love Patagonia


Patagonia challenged me physically and mentally, and I grew immensely as a result. I was surprised at how far my body could hike, how much crazy weather I could endure, and how supportive everyone was around me. It not only inspired in me a deep love for the outdoors, but also a curiosity about the ecosystem around me—the geologic processes that formed the insane peaks, the adaptations of the plants to the powerful wind, and the wildlife that survives all the ever-changing elements there. I met the best people I know in Patagonia, and I'm so thankful for the connections that I've made there. 

Next Adventure

Although I'm not sure where my next journey in Patagonia will find me, I hope it finds me on an ice field or a glacial lake somewhere!