Life before Swoop

With a huge passion for seeing the world and having been born and raised in Brazil, I have been lucky enough to visit many incredible places. As a child, I always enjoyed my family trips in South America, and further afield to Europe. Destinations where we could enjoy nature were always on the top of our list.

I'm very curious and always wanted to experience new cultures, meet interesting people and try different foods. I love exploring, so having had the opportunity to start my career in this field was very rewarding.

What I like most about South Americans is that we are very friendly and we love to dance, plus it is a region with incredible places for all kinds of adventures. Being able to share my knowledge and history from the places I've been with other people feels incredible to me.


Hiking for the view in Spain

Why I love Patagonia

There are a number of reasons why Patagonia is so special. There are gigantic glaciers, beautiful lakes and wild animals, as well as some of the oldest trees on the planet. As soon as I arrived, an unforgettable journey started, and I count myself lucky that I have had the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in Latin America.

Picture an extreme place where nature is relentless and stunning – this is Patagonia.


Day to day at Swoop

I am so passionate about the tourism industry and having the opportunity to be a Customer Experience Coordinator at Swoop allows me to develop a role where I can help people prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

I'm very fortunate to help my customers with fully preparing for their trip, clearing up their doubts about the destination, and sharing my love of Patagonia with them.


Travelling in Europe